Monthly Archives: January 2021

1/10 Chess 1.5/3

Brutal day, 1.5/3 but easily could have been 3/3! But we are closing in on 1800, so strong competition is to be expected! Game One Opened with this weird variation… Read more »

1/9 Chess 2/3

Game One Scandi, very boring until I made a huge error chasing a bishop: Luckily he did not see Nxf7. Another error and I got my bishop trapped on a3!… Read more »

1/8 Chess 2/3

Game One Not much here. My opponent played some kind of weird stonewall attack, but gave away his light square bishop right away, so obviously doesn’t understand the point: I… Read more »

1/7 Chess 1/3

Game One I equalized nicely out of the opening, reaching a nice position on move 11: I wasn’t able to come up with any good ideas — upon review, I… Read more »

1/6 Chess 2/3

Quick games today! Game One I stayed in book till move 7. He then O-O instead of h3, which is the most common move, I should have played Be7 instead… Read more »

1/5 Chess 1/3

Game One Boy did this one slip away from us: We got this Evans’ Gambit declined right off the bat: I should have played a4 but instead prematurely played b5…. Read more »

1/4 Chess 2/3

Played some terrible blitz last night and donked off like a hundred points, that never feels good. Game One Game started in the same fashion as a couple of others… Read more »

1/3 Chess 3/3

The first (X/X) in the title is the date, the second is my score out of 3 for that day, 1 for a win 0.5 for a draw 0 for… Read more »

1/2 Chess 1/3

Game One Black pieces, another scandi. We leave my opening prep with the unusual but not obviously bad Be3: This has been played just once by masters, two very strong… Read more »