2021 Chess Posting

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I have used this website as a chess blog before, but that was short lived and I made those invisible for reasons now unknown.

I think it would be fun to start posting a little more, especially now that I’ve played in a couple of OTB tournaments and am playing at a fairly high online rating.

Right now my chess.com rapid rating is about 1750, which is good for ~98th percentile.

I play 3 rapid games each day, and try very hard to win them. I make lots of embarrassing mistakes, but I do go over each of them in detail after I play them. I’ll log them here and hopefully that will make the lessons stick.

I’m working on an almost entirely new opening repertoire from what I played in my two OTB tournaments about a year ago, but at some point I’ll want to add back in more focus on middle and end games.

Right now I’m playing as white:

  1. 1. e4 followed by
    1. Italian game if e5 (mostly)
    2. Open sicilian if c5
    3. Nc3 french if e6

These make up the vast majority of what I see in rapid. Every single game I played in OTB tournaments was 1. e4 c5, so I’ll really want to dial that in before I play another.

As black:

  1. 1. e4
    1. …d5! scandi
  2. 1. d4
    1. …d5! into semi-slav

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