1/5 Chess 1/3

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Game One

Boy did this one slip away from us:


We got this Evans’ Gambit declined right off the bat:

I should have played a4 but instead prematurely played b5.

It turned out fine, as my opponent inexplicably sacced his bishop on f2 a few moves later:

After a few more moves my opponent launched a desperate attack:

He sacced a rook to try to open my King:

I should have calculated better here and played Kf1, where if Qc1+ Kg2 Qg5+ Qg3 instead of Qg3 right away.

From here I blundered Bd2 Nf4+ and quickly lost.

Game 2


We started off in a Chigorin, and I played c5 instead of e6, which I should have:

My opponent started making some wacky kingside advances:

In hindsight it was a very good thing I decided to play Bh5 instead of h6 or h5. I was considering those.

Then I decided to double his c-pawns and play against his weak looking pawn structure. Game still basically even and neither king is castled, I’m down to 5 minutes and he’s got 9 :

He then made some bad trades that let me get a pawn, and then he initiated more trades opening up his king:

From here it was a matter of technique, and he crumbled when I added some pressure on the h-file:

Game 3

Black pieces. Got a nice little scandi, he deviated with c3:

I played exd4, which stockfish swears is fine, but I think I should have played long castle, because I had trouble getting castled shortly after.

I ended up missing my chance to castle and bailed into a bad rook ending:

This is the last position that I could probably have held, but I played Rf1?? instead of Rd2, oops!

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