1/6 Chess 2/3

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Quick games today!

Game One


I stayed in book till move 7. He then O-O instead of h3, which is the most common move, I should have played Be7 instead of Nc6. I think I play Nc6 too often in the scandi.

He then played h3 and after takes-takes on f3, I missed that the pawn was hanging on d4!!

I played Qd7 and he pushed d5.

I got a little lucky and he let me unwind into this very equal position:

However, I missed his big threat, and instead of playing Qd6 or Qd8 or Qf5, I played Bxb2 and he hit me with the nasty tactic:

Game Two


My opponent came out FIRING, gambiting a pawn on move 2:

I had literally just watched a video (Wesley So I think) saying that this gambit is to be accepted, so I did.

He played Nc6 and I figured he was headed for a crappy Stafford gambit, which I am more than comfortable against, so I took. Nf3 also good.

After dxc6, I played Bc4 which looked good, but that walks into Bxf2 Kf2 Qd4+ which is a normal gambit motif that I should have avoided with something slower like c3 or d3 or Nc3.

Then it was my turn to gambit a pawn:

I won the knight right away with the pin:

My next move wasn’t the engine’s favorite, but simplified easily into a winning end game, Nxe4:

There is a crazy forcing line that we did not play:

Instead my opponent resigned here:

Game Three


Did you notice? I played Nc6 instead of e6 again! Whoops.

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