1/8 Chess 2/3

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Game One


Not much here. My opponent played some kind of weird stonewall attack, but gave away his light square bishop right away, so obviously doesn’t understand the point:

I got a nice chance to take the advantage here with exf5, but instead played Bf6 which is basically even:

I took over the e-file, but made the mistake of trying to double on the 2nd rank too early with Rc2:

We traded down into this end game:

I believe this is drawn with f6, but I played h6 and lost:

My opponent kindly gave me another chance to draw with either h5 or a5, but I declined…:

Game Two

Blitzed our way to this position:

I correctly remembered that the whole point of Bd3 rather than e2 or f1 is to protect e4 for the knight, so played Ne4 Nxe4 Bxe4 with a big advantage:

Less than a second a move for each side…:

Here my opponent blundered a nice tactic, which I found:

Et voila:

Opponent resigned here, down a clear piece and a pawn:

Game Three

We got a Kalashnikov like we looked at Anand playing against the other day:

My opponent played the very rare f5…

The engine likes c4 at +1.6 then Be3 at +1.4, but I played Bd3, which is the most popular on lichess and scores pretty well:

My opponent advanced with f4 and I played the nice idea g3, we shortly ended up here:

This position has actually been reached twice before on Lichess, both times white won.

However, I let my opponent off the hook, if O-O, he is better:

The game was equal with chances for both sides, and I had about 1 minute to my opponent’s 3, but I was able to generate a nice attack:

Ne6 quickly ended the game.

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