1/9 Chess 2/3

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Game One

Scandi, very boring until I made a huge error chasing a bishop:

Luckily he did not see Nxf7.

Another error and I got my bishop trapped on a3!

The extra piece was too much:

Game Two

Got what I thought was a nice edge against a pirc player:

I started breaking down his queenside and he panicked and tried to counter attack in the center but it did not work:

He resigned here:

Game Three

Stafford gambit! I’ve done a ton of prep against this. It is really popular because there are a lot of youtube videos on it.

I double checked my calculations here, since I hadn’t seen it for a while, but I was pretty sure a3 was winning by force, and I was right!

Black is actually very successful here, even though all of the moves played give white an edge:

He took the bait:

He tried to get out, but his queen was trapped and we ended up here:

Two bishops for three pawns is not a good trade, so he resigned.

That’s one you love to see:

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