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Weak links this week, not sure if that’s on me for not reading or the rest of the world for not giving me good content. Anyway, I did drag up a couple of good links and brought back an updated list of what podcasts I’m listening to.

Ben Carlson on Alternative Alpha: this is a really big one, especially the first — tax alpha is something that often hurts an investment manager’s returns (think using munis instead of CDs), but big gains can accrue to the client.

Danielle Morrill gives us her experience on switching from a maker’s schedule to a manager’s schedule. Danielle is a great follow on twitter and is hugely candid and interesting to keep up with.

Podcasts I’m listening to:

Always Listen:

The Bill Simmons podcast is my #1 — I skip many of the pop culture podcasts, but I listen to a few of them too, which says a lot. Obviously the sports and general interviews are crazy interesting.

XYPN Radio podcast is a steady favorite. They do a good job of balancing content from people that want the listeners as clients and actual useful information/good interviews. Must listen for financial advisors.

Occasional Listen:

a16z podcast used to be a stalwart. I’m sure it will return at some point, they just put out so much content it’s hard to keep up.

EconTalk podcast: I’m more choosey about who I listen to on economics these days, but listening to a hugely broad array of people has been extremely useful the past few years.

Masters in Business: I’m going to try to make an effort to listen to more of these. I’m always pleasantly surprised.

New Podcast I’m Excited About:

Macro Musings is a brand new economics podcast from David Beckworth. I haven’t listened yet, but I’m going to give the first 5 or 10 a listen no matter what.


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