Basics of Personal Finance

There are a handful of financial topics that I think everyone should have slightly more than a passing familiarity with.

These are the topics that virtually all adults have to grapple with when managing their finances. These topics seem to receive just enough lip service in school that most people think they have a firm (if simplified) understanding, but many find that when they dig a little deeper, they are either missing core principles or they do not have a cohesive framework to help them turn their knowledge of financial definitions into a lens that they can use to view their own finances and make decisions.

I will be writing individual posts on each of these subjects over the next few months, and will add links to the list below as they are published.

  1. The Purpose of Investing
  2. The Cash Flow Equation
  3. The Savings Hierarchy
  4. What is a Stock?
  5. What is a Fund?
  6. What is a Bond?
  7. Risk vs. Return
  8. Efficient Markets
  9. Compounding
  10. Tax Brackets