Memes, Brain Warmups, and Roth Conversions w/ Kevin Bruns [Episode 2]

Kevin Bruns is back to talk memes, tv, books, warming up your brain, when to best answer emails, taxes, and more.

Topics & Timestamps:

1:10 Foreign Accents

2:05 Netflix & TV Shows

2:50 Internet & Memes

9:15 Books (Taleb)

10:05 Frisbee Interlude

13:00 Brain Warmups

29:40 Taxes (Roth, DISC)

34:05 Scott Sumner Post

36:30 Philippines Lose Major

Links & Notes:

Internet & Memes:



Link to Kitces

I used the word “sell” with regards to putting the DISC in the Roth, that’s probably not the correct terminology.

Scott Sumner:

Why is Inflation so Low?

Also mentioned: EconLog


Valve Pulls Major

Chinese Censorship


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