Changing Your Brain, Tax Season from the Inside, Donor Advised Funds, and more w/ Jeremy Runnels and Kevin Bruns [Episode 4]

On this pod I’ve got Jeremy Runnels, CFP, talking about the fiduciary rule, quantifying the value of tax deferred accounts, how the choices we make literally change our brain.

Then I’ve got Kevin Bruns, CPA, to talk about what tax season is like for an accountant, the effects of the new tax law, and a buck hunter segment on donor advised funds. The audio gets a little louder at 29:10 when Bruns’ segment starts.

Special thanks to the weekend reading for the h/t on the articles Jeremy and I discuss.

Topics and Timestamps:

0:30 Jeremy Runnels on the fiduciary rule.

7:30 Quantifying the value of tax deferred accounts.

14:15 Changing your brain with decisions.

17:40 Predictive Processing

21:20 Kitces Pod Jeremy mentions.

29:10 Bruns comes in — warning, the audio is a little louder here.

30:00 Tax Season from an accountant’s perspective.

35:50 Practical effects of the new tax law.

38:35 Buck Hunter segment on Donor Advised Funds.


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