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Where’s the Fire?

Many businesses liken the problems they face to fires. These businesses spend a lot of time fighting the fires, and they even spend time putting those problems into an inordinate… Read more »

Hot Take Rising

If it seems to you like opinions are getting more extreme with less room for nuance, you aren’t alone. As I listened to a recent Joe Rogan podcast featuring Alex… Read more »

Trump on Immigration

With Trump signing an executive order to halt immigration from 7 countries, there is a resounding reaction (at least in my bubble): It's becoming pretty clear that if trump voters… Read more »

The Internet is a City

Cities are hubs of progress — before cities, when everyone was a hunter of a gatherer, information was shared slowly. Most people did most things. As people moved into bigger… Read more »

Sport vs. Game

Some of the most fun things in the world are those that can be debated. Is Nascar a sport? If not, what defines a sport? My preferred definition of a… Read more »