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Interesting article about social security and the broader implications of innumeracy among Americans. I for one can’t believe that “100% of your social security benefit” isn’t the age 62 or age 70 amount. Borderline ridiculous that it is a moving target in the middle of the range. Completely confuses everyone.

Apparently it takes a whole generation for a dominant strategy to emerge in basketball.

Between restrictive building codes and the ubiquity of negative gearing (when everyone you meet from an area knows about a sure-fire way to build wealth you know it can’t last forever), Australia seems to be in for some pain sooner or later.

It seems I’m a trendsetter. The Bank of England has started a blog.

Fireside Markets has a new episode. Not sure if the positive indicator that I’m still listening to it outweighs the negative one of having guest #8 be a repeat. A fun listen.

An article about custodians going into the advice business. The most interesting section is the part about the huge firms finally making a clear career path for financial advisors. I’m not sure if the comparison to the big 4 accounting firms is brilliant or has no chance of ever happening.

Great read about DAFs from Kitces. Nothing earth shattering, but definitely the basis for communicating the time, place, and value of them to interested clients.

A dozen things from Mario Gabelli. Fascinating how all of the uber-successful investors say the same 25 or so things and everyone seems to hear the 25 things that they are doing.

The more I read of the white coat investor the more I’m intrigued. It really is a pleasure seeing someone truly focus on a niche group, funny that it takes someone outside the financial advisory profession to do it.

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