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Grexit is all the rage, but all of the smart money seems to be focusing on the Chinese stock market. Do either of these matter? I don’t know.

Government steals raisins for the good of the raisin farmers. This sounds like a hypothetical problem from an econ class, but it’s real.

A dozen things: Peter Fenton — focuses a lot on VCs, which is very cool

California drought – El Nino for real this time?

ROE – Portfolio Turnover. Conventional wisdom should always come with the caveats of when it doesn’t work. There is always a condition that makes ‘common sense’ wrong.

Pitchdecks – Really interesting that NDAs are going away

Dyslexia and visual-spacial abilities – Everyone (including me) likes the idea that people with one disadvantage have an equal and opposite advantage. It might even be cooler if people with dyslexia develop visual-spacial skills through working them more often.

File under ‘unintended consequences of regulation’ – Health care edition

European commission in 2009 – They wrote a white paper gloating about how wrong economists were about the Euro. Hilarious. Starts with “The euro: It can’t happen, It’s a bad idea, It won’t last. US economists on the EMU, 1989 – 2002”

Critique of Mr. Money Mustache – definitely sums up many of my feelings when friends ask me about him

Finally, Grexit (login-wall, my apologies, it’s free, though!)- A nice piece by Niall Ferguson, takes a very Louis CK “everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy” line

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