Monthly Archives: January 2017

Sport vs. Game

Some of the most fun things in the world are those that can be debated. Is Nascar a sport? If not, what defines a sport? My preferred definition of a… Read more »

Advisor EQ vs IQ

The man, myth, and legend, Carl Richards, recently tweeted: Please believe me…being a financial advisor IS NOT about spreadsheets and calculators. It is about emotional intelligence… — Carl Richards (@behaviorgap)… Read more »

Somebody Asked Oxfam Questions

And Oxfam (which sounds like what millennial gym-friends might call each other) answered. They did not disappoint. That is to say, came off soundingĀ one-toned and ignorant of their obvious disconnect… Read more »

Jack’s Links

Brazil’s Austerity Experiment: Scott Sumner walks us through some of the problems with ascribing any of the future economic success/failure of Brazil to the coming austerity. Very useful to learn… Read more »