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Monetary Offset

People are always enthralled with stories of the man behind the curtain, a force that doesn’t get much recognition, but actually runs the world. I think this is why the… Read more »

Robot Tax

What is this daft discussion about taxing robots as if they are people? Companies are already taxed on the efficiency gains if a robot takes a human’s job. Company A employs… Read more »

Confirmation Bias

No, the stock market is not ‘finally taking “X” [insert pet cause] seriously’ when there are back to back down days. Not very many things move the market, and when… Read more »

Consumption Smoothing

WCI touched on consumption smoothing in a recent post. This is one area where classical economics and real life observation (and behavioral economics) differ greatly. Consumption smoothing is the act of… Read more »

Oil and the United States

Author’s Note: Originally written as a letter on 12/29/2014, somehow still relevant. The plummeting price of oil has become a major topic of conversation – and with prices that feel… Read more »