New Links: Sumner Time Sadness Edition

Sumner on trade with China Sumner on forecasting Sumner on Trump being clueless Sumner on reasoning from a price change Sumner on the Fed setting an interest rate floor

Confirmation Bias

No, the stock market is not ‘finally taking “X” [insert pet cause] seriously’ when there are back to back down days. Not very many things move the market, and when… Read more »

Consumption Smoothing

WCI touched on consumption smoothing in a recent post. This is one area where classical economics and real life observation (and behavioral economics) differ greatly. Consumption smoothing is the act of… Read more »

Jack’s Links

This week, a few links about Trump that won’t cause you to claw your eyes out because of the terrible journalism. Scott Sumner on Trump the mailman: Scott’s main points… Read more »

Trump on Immigration

With Trump signing an executive order to halt immigration from 7 countries, there is a resounding reaction (at least in my bubble): It's becoming pretty clear that if trump voters… Read more »