Dow 20,000! We did it!

I’m just kidding, nobody cares about arbitrary round numbers that we happen to have passed on an index that kinda sorta measures growth of big companies in America. And may… Read more »

Effort, Time, and Being Great

*Quick definitional disclaimer: when I say “good”, I mean something like top 25th percentile. When I say “great”, I mean something like top 0.5%. Mike Reiss at ESPN reported this:… Read more »

The Internet is a City

Cities are hubs of progress — before cities, when everyone was a hunter of a gatherer, information was shared slowly. Most people did most things. As people moved into bigger… Read more »

Sport vs. Game

Some of the most fun things in the world are those that can be debated. Is Nascar a sport? If not, what defines a sport? My preferred definition of a… Read more »

Advisor EQ vs IQ

The man, myth, and legend, Carl Richards, recently tweeted: Please believe me…being a financial advisor IS NOT about spreadsheets and calculators. It is about emotional intelligence… — Carl Richards (@behaviorgap)… Read more »

Somebody Asked Oxfam Questions

And Oxfam (which sounds like what millennial gym-friends might call each other) answered. They did not disappoint. That is to say, came off sounding one-toned and ignorant of their obvious disconnect… Read more »